'Mother' 2018's tvN Drama Series

December 25, 2017

The drama 'Mother' based on the same title drama is expected its in the first half of the year first 2018's tvN  drama series. 

"Mother" is a best-produced soap opera with a proven record of accomplishment of four gold medals at the Tokyo Drama Awards. The drama Mother based on the same title drama is expected its in the first half of the year first 2018's tvN  drama series.

In the new tvN drama 'Mother', actress Lee Hye-young will acting like the into a strong mother of charisma.

In particular, Lee Hye-young's return to the TV screen for the first time in seven years the audience will have a great interest and expectation in her acting career. 

Regarding the reason why she chose Mother it was her first time in seven years, "the production team suggested the role of Yeong-shin should be me, and that moved my mind" Lee Hae-young said.

In addition, Lee Hea-young showed her unstinting affection for the work "I had high hopes for writer Jeong Seo-kyung and above all, the script was so good."

The producers of the drama team " Mother " ranked Lee Hae-young at the top of the list because they had the role of Yong-sin in mind from the beginning.

Lee Hye-young meets the expectations of the production crew, filling the first shot of the drama with her unique Aura with charisma and irreversible solid acting.

Young-shin is a woman with a strong motherly interest in three daughters with a perfect career.

"Young-shin is an independent and independent woman, and I look forward to her passionate performance to perfect the role" the production team said.

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